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DIY – Tile Your Kitchen Floor

April 19th, 2010

Doing tile work is a great job for the newbie home renovator.

One of the most fun jobs of the whole affair is shopping for the materials. Go for excellent quality at good value.

Starting out, check the sub floor for loose or damaged areas and repair any loose nails by replacing them with screws. Next clean the area with a vacuum hose to clear out any debris. Then measure the space to know how much backer board is needed and multiply this number by 5% this will allow for mistakes.

Now, lay out the pattern for the board by snapping chalk lines to show where each panel will be placed. Layout the boards to plan for any panels to be cut and mark the panels. Using a scoring tool  cut along the lines that are marked. Then you can use your knee for support to snap the backer board along the scored edges.

Next follow the directions on the package of mortar to mix it correctly. Use a square notched trowel to apply the mortar on to the sub floor  in small sections and comb the mortar in straight vertical ridges. » Read more: DIY – Tile Your Kitchen Floor