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Accent lighting and how it can improve your home

December 19th, 2010

Have you ever considered installing accent lighting on and around your home? Have you ever been afraid to do so because of either the time, money, or hard work that you thought it would take? If you have, I’d like to clear up those myths and tell you the truth: it’s not hard and it can be done on the cheap.┬áIn fact, with so many great lighting options these days, the most difficult aspect of the process is in choosing what styles and types to select!

All right, so let’s tackle the first of those myths: it takes a lot of time. While this may have been the case beforehand, accent lighting these days can be as simple as hanging up Christmas lights! They can come in all shapes and sizes, and have numerous powering configurations. If you’re going for quick setup time, one option is to buy battery powered lighting units. Or perhaps you’d rather skip the batteries and plug a strand of lights into an external outlet! Either way, difficulty is minimized.

But what about money? Isn’t this supposed to be expensive? Well, while one can certainly spend a fortune if they’d like… nope, not necessarily! Installations can be as cheap as you’d like, with many offerings available in the sub-$10 range! One could also consider the way the units are powered as well. For example, rather than powering their lights with electricity, one could simply purchase solar powered lights » Read more: Accent lighting and how it can improve your home