Refurbishing Your Kitchen Table And Chairs

June 28th, 2010 by Menard Lowe Leave a reply »

Over time your kitchen table and chairs can receive a lot of abuse from the elements so to keep your table and chairs looking as good as the day you purchased them you may need to consider refurbishing them to keep them in good condition. If your table and chairs are coated with paint you will need a paint stripper to strip away all that old paint, firstly using a paint brush add the stripper evenly to the table and chairs, you may want to focus on just doing the table for now and do the chairs at a later stage. Let the stripper dry as directed on the label and using a paint scrapper or a putty knife strip away the old paint. Start removing the old paint from the table until it is all removed and use a cloth or rag and clean away any access stripper or paint. Now sand down the table with fine grit sand paper you can wrap the sandpaper around a small block of wood for easier use, this will prepare your table for the wood stain.

But before adding the wood stain your table must be free of dust so use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down and let dry after sanding for at least 1 hour to 1/2 hour. Using a fine brush start adding your wood stain once again use even strokes to avoid any build up and allow the wood stain to dry for at least 1 hour. Finish off your table by adding a fine coat of polyurethane and let it dry get a dry clean rag or cloth and lightly buff the table to bring out the shine and there you have it! now all that needs to be dine is following the same process to bring out the shine in those chairs as well and the next time round you will know exactly how to refurbish your kitchen table and chairs.


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