Negotiating a Price on a Good Mattress

April 26th, 2010 by Menard Lowe Leave a reply »

When you go out mattress shopping, you don’t have to necessarily pay retail for a good mattress. All you have to do is to get a great price on a good mattress is to know how to negotiate.  Here are some steps to take to get a good price on a good mattress.

  • Do your homework – First thing that you want to do is to become familiar with the prices of mattress at the reputable dealers and online by reading reviews of mattresses.  Compare the mattresses by features and prices and remember that it’s not always reliable to go by the model names.
  • Make a short list – Narrow your selection down and start out by giving the seller an offer. The offer should be a few hundred dollars than the price on the sticker. This is where negotiations will begin.
  • Stay undecided – When you are uncertain and quiet, you will discover it will work in your favor.  Make sure that you are also flexible.
  • Come to an agreement – Finally, come to an agreement on the price and make sure you understand what is included. You should also consider a negotiation for frame, delivery, box spring and other services.  You should also be familiar with what the warranty will be, if there is one.

As you can see, if you need a new mattress, you don’t have to pay retail prices. All you have to do is to negotiate and know how to keep calm.  You have the best chances of being successful if you are quiet and you seem to be unsure about if you want it or not. A lot of sellers would rather give you a better price than to lose the sale. Remember to be flexible and take your time with the seller.  This is going to work in your favor.


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