Home Improvement Tools You Must Have

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Anyone looking to venture into the world of diy home improvement, kitchen remodeling or weekend project work around the house must have the basic tools for the job. Below are several of the essential household tools everyone should have before attempting even the most simple carpentry, electrical, plumbing or landscaping project.

1. The claw hammer – You should have atleast one quality claw hammer with a solid shaft, tapered head and well crafted comfortable grip.  You can find a large selection of claw hammers at just about any big box retailer, hardware store or lumber yard.  The claw hammer is essential for any carpentry work and will often be needed in just about any diy home improvement project your start.  I personally perfer a fiberglass shaft with solid rubber grip. they tend to produce less shock on the wrist and hand when hammering larger nails.

2. Selection of screwdrivers- NO matter what type of project you attemp you will need a screw drivers.  I suggest getting a small set that includes several sizes of both phyllips and straight edge heads.  You should choose a set with several different sizes of both heads, handle lenght and width.  Stanley, Craftsman and Black and Decker all sell reasonably priced screwdriver sets that will contain a nice selection of all sizes and styles for under $20.00.  Here i like to stick with the brands above as they usually come with a life time warranty and can be easily replaced when broken.  Do not use a screwdriver as a pry bar!!! That is not only a good way to break a quality screwdriver but often times ends up sending the user to the hospital for a few quick stitches after they gouge themselves.

3. A 3ft Level-  A good capentry level is something if you dont purchase a head of time will most certainly send you out to the hardware store right in the middle of your project, wasting vaulable daylight and time.  I personally like 3ft levels as they lend themselves to many different types of projects from carpentry to landscaping.  Much like screwdrivers these are relatively inexpensive and easily found at any retail outlet with a hardware department.  Select one that is either metal or heavy plastic frame with glass bubbles.  These types of levels dont get dinged or dented and will make them a vauluable straightedge for years to come.

4. Channel Lock Pliers - If your going to attempt any type of plumbing you will definately want a small selection of channel lock pliers.  Try and buy a small set that contains serveral sizes to cover any potential need you might encounter.  These can also be purchased in sets of 2 or 3 and are usually under the $20.00 price point.

While there are more tools you will definatley need for individual home improvement project these basic tools listed above are a must have.  In the upcoming weeks I will describe some of the additonal tools I highly recommend adding to your toolbox.   FYI, dont forget Christmas is just around the corner and what a better way to start buildign your collection of home improvement tools than getting them as gifts.


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